Our Story

The key to success is organization.
And with planS, it's easy. I've always loved planners and planning the day to the last detail, but no matter which planner I bought, it never had everything I needed & wanted. As an architecture student, with passion for design, planning and aesthetics, I created my own planner that can now become your best friend.
The PlanS planner is stylish, unique, created for the ones who want to follow their habits, plan their days, have control over their finances and improve their fitness habits. Best of all, the product is 100% made in Slovenia and handmade, hand packed in beautiful packaging, just for you. 
And that's how our story started. With time we started to grow, a lot of people have joined our team and we've created new products for perfect planning. Now we have more than 30 different products that will help you to be more organized and motivated.
In 2021 other great Slovenian artists became a part of our story, with their amazing hand-made products and some wonderful business ideas that will inspire you! We're proud that together we are creating a successful story, from now on also outside the borders of Slovenia.    
Thank you for all your love & support!